About 12 deprived communities in the Tano North Municipality of the Ahafo Region are to be connected to the national electricity grid by the end of the year, Dr. Freda Prempeh, a Minister of State in-charge of Works and Housing has said.

Dr. Prempeh, also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tano North told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview during a visit for inspection of a projects in a number of communities in the constituency.

She said 12 transformers she procured were being installed in the communities that included; Asantesua, Domeabra, Adagyenim, Mamponteng, Agona, Tano-Ano, Atudrobese, Asude, Koope, Rube and Beposo.

Dr. Prempeh explained that extension of electricity to the communities was in line with President Akufo-Addo’s vision to ensuring majority of rural communities in the country were connected to the national grid.

The MP said she was impressed with work on the installations done so far, and promised the communities to improve on other social facilities and amenities to better their socio-economic livelihoods.

In a related development, Dr. Prempeh has announced the commencement of a nationwide “district-outreach housing project” under the Government’s Affordable Housing Scheme in 2022.

She explained that community-based project would be constructed across the Districts and Municipalities in the country.

Dr. Prempeh told the GNA the government had prioritized the affordable housing scheme to provide accommodation for public and civil servants.

“We have already discussed the cost of the houses, means and flexibility of payments”, she said, and added the project had begun at Duayaw-Nkwanta in the Tano North Municipality, where construction work on 20 houses were expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Dr. Prempeh said lands had also been secured in Sunyani, Techiman, Goaso and Yamfo; explaining at least 50 houses would be constructed in each of the towns next year.

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