Impulse, a best in-class startup acceleration programme, with the support of OCP Group and OCP Africa, is set to hold an information session in Accra. 

The Programme targeted for young Ghanaian Agritech start-ups comes off on Tuesday at the Kempinski Hotel.

Impulse is a 12-week acceleration programme for innovative start-ups that have a prototype or a marketable product in the fields of Agritech, Agricultural Biotechnology, Mining technology or Materials Science & Nanotechnology.

The programme will help accelerate start-ups developing solutions for the African small-holder farmer.

It is also open to entrepreneurship and innovation experts from all over the world to join as a mentor, jury or keynote speaker.

The programme is designed by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), Morocco, in partnership with MassChallenge, as part of the university’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship effort.

It endeavours to promote and support a global community of researchers and visionary entrepreneurs committed to the development of the African continent.

A global call for Impulse applications was launched on June 26 in Casablanca and a batch of startups in Ghana meeting the criteria will be eligible to be selected and invited to Morocco to start the acceleration programme on the UM6P campus in Benguerir.

The information session is an opportunity for the organizers of the Impulse Programme to meet representatives of the Ghanaian entrepreneurial ecosystem and to source innovative Ghanaian start-ups in the fields of Agtech, Biotech, Mining Tech and Materials Science & Nanotech.

In coordination with the Ministry of Food & Agriculture (MoFA), OCP Africa aims to sustain OCP Group’s ambitious innovation agenda to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable and prosperous agriculture in Ghana and Africa.

In addition to the Impulse program, OCP Africa recently re-launched on a larger scale its innovative Agribooster and School Lab initiatives to support small-holder farmers in Ghana increase their yield and revenue.

The Impulse program also reinforces OCP Africa’s strong engagement for African agriculture development.


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