Accra Marriott Hotel unveiled an exclusive art exhibition showcasing the works of eight contemporary Ghanaian artists depicting the rich culture of Ghanaian traditional values and artistic sensibilities.

The exhibition highlights an on-going partnership between Accra Marriott Hotel and the group of eight talented artists and underpins the hotel’s commitment to support and promote the creative arts.

The artworks on display project varied artistic techniques and themes and allow guests the opportunity to partake in a delightful creative journey as well as purchase some of the pieces of artwork on display.

The eight talented artists include Larry Otoo, Betty Acquah Boateng, Ofosu Safori, AmarkineAmarteifio, Sami Bentil, Wiz Kudowor, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo and Emmanuel Adiamah. 

All the artists are renowned in their own right and have exhibited their artwork in various countries around the world including Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, USA, India, Japan, South Africa and Switzerland.

Each of these talented individuals brings a unique style, drawing inspirations from different thoughts and imaginations.

From experimenting with symbolism that exists within African traditions and superstitions, to the use of pointillist technique and style inspired by Surrealism, a journey through the mind or a dialogue of emotions, to playing with your own whims and fancies, the artists display a repertoire of creative expression of sorts.

They also use a range of mediums from oil on canvas to watercolour. The exhibition is housed within the East lobby of the hotel and is part of an ongoing attempt to provide a platform to local artists in Ghana.