Walls along principal and ceremonial streets in Accra are to be designed with artistic beautification as part of government’s effort to make Accra the cleanest city.

The project being undertaking by the Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA) has received a major boost as Nesstra Ghana Limited, an official distributor of SuvinilPaint has presented paint valued at ¢150,000.00towards the project.

“Accra is a beautiful lady who has been neglected without any make-up, Nesstra Ghana, therefore, providing the artistic make-up Suvinil Paint to bring out the elegance mother-nature has bestowed on the national capital.

“We need to put the spotlight on the beauty of Accra through Suvinil Paint and help craft the artistic culture of the ancient and the modern, traditional and glamorous to tell our story on various walls along principal streets of Accra, Nana Yaw Ampem

DarkoMarketing and Communications Manager of NesstraGhana Limited stated.

Nana Ampem-Darko said Nesstra Ghana believes in the national agenda to make Accra the cleanest city, “we are, therefore, supporting efforts being made by the Metropolitan Assembly to beautify the capital city of Ghana.

“The capital city of Ghana is the face of the country and deserves more than its current state and we must use art to attract and give our tourists an everlasting impression of Ghana. Nesstra is, therefore, supporting AMA to promote a healthy and presentable destination for tourism in Ghana,” he said.

Accra beautification project

He said the Nesstra collaboration with the AMA is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility project which is dubbed: “Colour for Communities,” aimed to beautify not only the major and principal edifice but also deprived communities in the capital city.

Nana Ampem-Darko explained that “To make the dream of Accra one of the beautiful cities in the world, Nesstra Ghana is donating large quantities of our premium paint SUVINIL to the Assembly to embark on painting selected street walls in major suburbs of Accra.

“This donation is only for the first phase of the whole project, and we want to assure all that by the third phase of the programme, Accra will by all standards be glittered with beautify artistic paintings and colourful walls of some national monuments, and places of interests such as some traditional edifices among others”.

Nesstra Ghana Limited is a registered Ghanaian Company that offers products and services to the Building and Construction, as well as the Mining and Power sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

The company collaborates with world-class premium brands and offers a complete solution in these sectors.

Some of the brands Nesstra offers includes SuvinilPaint, Schneider electrical, ABB Electrical, L&T, Perkins Generators, DAB Pumps, Hilti Power Tools, Sika Construction Chemicals, and Delta Drives & Elevators.

Suvinil Paint is a premium brand that offers high-end product solution to the building and construction industry.

Mohammed Adjei Sowah AMA Chief Executive Officer explained that the collaboration with Nesstra is a major incentive to the AMA’s recently launched project “Paint Accra”.

The AMA Chief Executive Officer emphasized that branding Accra and making the site and scenery beautiful would require all stakeholders to get involved and admonished the public to embrace this laudable project.

“That for us to achieve this beautification project, the assembly will rely heavily on the creative arts professional to execute the initiative. I believe that in making Accra beautiful, our best allies are our friends in the creative industry,” he said.

Mr Adjei Sowah stressed the need for the private sector to join in this vision of making our cities clean and beautiful and commended Nesstra Ghana Limited and its choicest brand Suvinil Paint for their contribution and urged other companies to emulate.


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