The Ghana Water Company is warning that its planned water rationing programme for Accra will be disrupted for at least the next seven weeks.

According to officials, this is because electricity supply to the Weija Treatment Plant will be disrupted at regular intervals during the period to allow the Electricity Company of Ghana upgrade its systems.

Communications Manager for Aqua Vitens Rand Limited for Accra-Tema, Nana Yaw Barnie told Joy News about 80 percent of consumers in Accra and Tema will be affected during the exercise.

“Because of these series of power interruptions, they affect whatever effective rationing programmes we have drawn out,” he said.

He explained that when power goes off, it affects the pumping station of the water company at Weija which in turn affects the company’s ability to distribute water to residents.

“For example, for those of us in Adenta, we get our water once [every] two weeks [so] last week we were supposed to get water but because of power outage we were not able to get the water, so it means we have to wait for another two weeks before can get the water,” he explained.

Within the seven weeks, he said, areas such as Dansoman, Lapaz, Kaneshie, Awoshie, Odorkor, Korlegornu, Kotobabi, Accra Brewery, Achimota Brewery, Tesano, Korle-Bu amongst others, will be affected.

Source: Joy News/Ghana


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