Suspects and accused persons have been urged to always read and understand the charges preferred against them by prosecutors.

The Nkawie Circuit Court judge, Mr Michael Johnson Abbey who gave the advice said efficient understanding of charges, facts and statements given to them by the prosecution would go a long way for them to ask the appropriate questions and defend themselves during trials.

This according to him would help ensure fair, smooth and speedy delivery of justice at the courts, while allowing parties to accept trial verdict in good faith.

Mr Abbey made the appeal when an accused person standing trial before his court, found himself wanting during his turn to cross-examine a prosecution witness after he had been served with all the documents and witness statements the prosecution will be relying on.

He said facts, statements and all disclosures are supposed to be given to accused persons, defendants and witnesses in both criminal and civil cases for their advanced study and preparation before the next adjourned date.

Mr Abbey said having a better understanding of these statements was very essential and helpful and urged illiterate parties to seek assistance from reliable persons to read and explain such statements and disclosures to them so that they could accept verdicts in good faith.