ADB and Barclays Bank have been named the banks with the best customer service in the latest survey by the research wing of consulting firm Nest of Ideas.

The survey dubbed Customer First sampled the experiences of 2000 customers of various banks in a period of one year (October 1, 2014- October 9, 2015).

It centered on how customer-focused banks were, timeliness of transactions and whether employees were smart, courteous and knowledgeable.

ADB surprisingly shot up to the 1st position with Barclays Bank after a not-so-good performance last year.

Taking 3rd spot was Cal Bank which slipped from first position last year. It was a tie at 4th between First Capital Plus and Royal Bank. At the bottom were Prudential Bank, UBA and UMB.

UMB slipped from third spot last year to last position this year among the 27 banks ranked.

In the category of savings and loans companies, Union Savings and Loans took the 1st spot, Bonds Savings and Loans 2nd spot and Global Access at number 3.  Abii National and Best Point Savings and Loans followed. At the bottom, Express Savings and Loans, Multi Credit and Midland Savings and Loans.

In all 27 banks and 22 savings and loans companies were ranked. 

Meanwhile, customer service consultant Margaret Takyi-Micah has tasked banks to develop a blue print for service delivery to make them more efficient in serving the needs of customers.

According to her, there still remains a gap between customer expectations and service delivered by banks.

Speaking to Joy Business after delivering the results of this year’s customer service survey Mrs. Takyi-Micah said service standards must be set by banks to bridge this gap.


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