Some Visual Arts students in the Ashanti region are appealing to the Ghana Education Service (GES) to include Elective Mathematics in the current subject to put them in an advantageous position.

With the introduction of the pre-engineering programme as an opportunity to express their creative skills, the students say elective mathematics will help further broaden their knowledge. 

The students say the pre-engineering programme offers them a unique opportunity to correct the erroneous impression that Visual Arts is meant for the academically weak.

Ivy Amoafo, a student at Konongo Odumase SHS, says most visual arts students are brilliant to study elective mathematics.

“It will even widen up their minds because most of the visual arts students are brilliant in other subjects.”

Ivy says it is possible to find a visual arts student good in core mathematics and his brilliance can be extended to elective mathematics.

“So, if you give him that chance to exceed like he will be amazing in the place of engineering.” She said.

Another student from Anglican Senior High School, Serwah Tutu agrees with Ivy. They are creative and the engineering program will do them a lot good. 

The students regard themselves as change-makers.

Visual Arts teacher at Konongo Odumase Senior High school, Agadas Adu Bosompem is also on the same page with students.  

“It will erase that perception that visuals arts students or any other student is dull.”

The headmaster of Anglican Senior High school also suggests adding technical drawing to give targeted students the opportunity to learn how to design before they enter the university. 

“Secondary education setup and subject combination is so broad and well situation for everybody to benefits.” 

He says the introduction of the pre-engineering programme is a good policy.

“We really need this bunch of visual arts students come into the picture of engineering.”

He says their creative arts and ability to bring new ideas to play will ensure the future of Ghana’s engineering is bright.