After the loud cheers that welcomed their introduction, The Multimedia Choir, for few seconds kept the crowd in suspense and silent in anticipation of what they had to offer on the night.

They had been loud on, TV, radio, online. Now is the time for the real deal. If their attire was to be scored it would be 100%- a long colourful WearGhana outfit surely is a standout outfit for them.

But the crowd expected more than the outfit. Their voices in the song is now on trial. Will they pass the test?

Indeed sharing the stage with big acts from both Ghana and Nigeria is worthy enough to hit the headlines.

Led by animated Conductor, Samuel Nii Narku Dowuona, the Multimedia Choir, gave off an amazing performance at the Dome of Perez Chapel.

Energic Sarah Opare led the choir to minister the song titled ‘Rejoice’ and it felt like she had another hidden talent in her as she performed flawlessly.

Her size never stood in her way neither did her long heel. She led the choir with her powerful voice rejoicing in glory to the Lord.

Patrons in the packed auditorium sprang onto their feet when the choir ministered their own rendition of the popular song ‘The Glory of the Lord is Coming Down”.

The changed the tempo to Hallelluya eh! and the crowd went excited. 

The building virtually shook as every single soul sang along, danced until the choir left the stage to make way for the talented and celebrated Gospel diva, Celestine Donkor.

Indeed, as Adom Praiz has come to stay, so shall The Multimedia Choir!