AG hauls Daily Guide to court

The Attorney General (A-G) Martin Amidu has dragged the Daily Guide Newspaper to court for alleged defamation.

The A-G is seeking damages for the March 8, 2011 publication in which the newspaper alleged it has audio evidence to prove that the A-G coached a witness in the on-going controversial armed robbery and mass rape trial to provide false evidence that will impugn the integrity of some high ranking NPP officials.

Michael Frimpong had testified in court that he was paid GHS 9,000 by five NPP officials to corroborate an allegation by one Amina Mohammed that she was a passenger in a Yutong bus which was attacked by armed robbers after which male passengers in the vehicle were forced to have sex with the female passengers.

But the Daily Guide Publication claimed it has evidence to show that prosecution witness, Frimpong, was coached by the Attorney General and the Chief State Attorney to implicate the NPP stalwarts- the only condition under which he will be set free.

He had early on been arrested for corroborating the armed robbery and mass rape story in which the protagonist, Amina Mohammed is being prosecuted for false publication and causing fear and panic.

The Attorney General told Joy News he feels slighted by the publication and will seek redress at the law court.

He said the publication has injured his reputation which he took years to build and the news paper must answer for that.

According to him the publication, if not substantiated, could lead to his disbarment.

“When a lawyer commits professional misconduct his name can be removed from the book of lawyers,” he said, adding, “I want the paper to come and substantiate the allegations.”

He has filed a suit against the newspaper and its editor for them to prove how he criminally perverted the course of justice and for them to desist publishing any such stories.

The Daily Guide newspaper will not comment on the case at least for now.

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Story by Nathan Gadugah/