The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has congratulated farmers for their efforts in helping feed the country as Ghana celebrates National Farmers Day.

In a speech at a side event at the University of Ghana to mark Farmers’ Day, Country Manager of AGRA Juliette Lampoh – Agroh said “our gallant farmers have done great things for us again this year, and they deserve praise.”

“They have provided us with the maize, cassava, plantain, fish, meat, and other foods that have helped ensure that many people are able to go to bed without the pain of hunger…

“All this was done despite the challenges that climate change and other stresses like Covid-19 have brought upon agricultural sector,” she observed.

“We are proud that you, our farmers have stood tall all through the difficult times to help make Ghana food and financially secure. And for that, we say Ayekooo,” Madam Lampoh – Agroh added.

AGRA congratulates farmers as Ghana celebrates food growers

The AGRA country manager described farmers day as a special event worth praising. “The first Friday of December, National Farmers Day, is always a special one for us at AGRA. As a farmer-centered organization, we are glad to have a day where we can place our farmers on the pedestal and genuinely thank them for the sacrifices and commitment for this nation,” she said.

“In all honesty, it’s easy for most of us to take the food we eat for granted when it is available abundantly. That’s why it is really a worthwhile gesture to celebrate the farmers of Ghana,” she added.

“Once again, congratulations to all farmers across the country. We wish you bumper harvests and good profits in the year ahead,” Madam Lampoh – Agroh concluded.

The 2021 National Farmers’ Day events were held across the country on Friday during which deserving farmers were rewarded. President Akufo-Addo graced the national ceremony in Cape Coast.

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