The Agricultural Manufacturing Group (AMG), a leading Fertilizer Manufacturing and Distribution Company in the country has presented a cheque of GHc 20, 000 to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), towards the celebration of the 2021 National Farmers’ Day.

Presenting the cheque, the Sales and Marketing Manager of AMG Fertilizers, Mr. Isaac Berchie said the company is annually associated with the National Farmers’ Day celebrations and is committed to supporting the development, promotion and recognition of Farmers through these celebrations for the long term.

Mr. Berchie said, “AMG Fertilizers is very proud of the Ministry’s effort over the past 37 years, in celebrating and boosting the image of Farmers, as they put food on our tables all year round.

“This is why AMG Fertlizers has also over the years, manufactured and marketed high quality and efficient fertilizer brands, which are very popular and well patronized by farmers all over the country. This has contributed to the success of farmers in producing high yields and bumper harvest,” he added.  

Receiving the cheque on behalf of the Ministry, the Honourable Deputy Minister of Agriculture who also serves as the Chairman of Farmers’ Day Planning Committee, Honourable Yaw Frimpong Addo, expressed his immense gratitude for the financial support, emphasizing that, AMG’s continuous support over the years helps tremendously in the organization of the celebration. 

He used the opportunity to call on all Ghanaians, agribusinesses and corporate bodies in the country to join the Ministry to celebrate the country’s hardworking farmers, adding that, this year’s event has been designed to consolidate gains made by the government’s flagship agriculture programme, PFJ.

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