The Founder and CEO of Curist Pharma, Aide Chemists and Darl Chemical Industries, Pharmacist David Addo, has emerged as the Health and Wellness (Othordox) award recipient at the just ended 40 under Forty Achievers Awards held at Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra on October 8, 2021.

40 under Forty is an initiative from Xodus Communications Limited which seeks to identify, honour, and celebrate a cross- section of the nation’s most influential and accomplished young business leaders under the age of forty from a wide range of industries.

The prestigious award is a recognition of his dedication and commitment in building the healthcare sector as well as being highly respected advocate for best practices in the field of pharmacy.

Speaking to the media after receiving the award, Pharm. David Addo expressed gratitude to God, his family, friends, staff, and clients for their commitment to pushing the vision and mission of the companies.

He also thanked the people of Akyem Tafo of the Abuakwa North Constituency of the Eastern Region for their support over the years.

Aide Chemists founder wins Health and Wellness Award at 40 Under Forty Awards

“I am honoured and humbled by this award. I have come far from ground zero to this level. My story can be a case study in business schools. Without the support of the Ghanaian people and particularly the associates at my companies, I won’t have come up here tonight. There is more to be done for Ghana and I pray the youth would be willing to lend a hand.”

David Addo took the opportunity to call on government and all healthcare stakeholders in the industry to invest more into the pharmaceutical sector to make it more attractive for the youth to venture to unearth more talents in the country.

“I call on the Government, especially the Ministers of Health & Trade, to pay attention to small scale pharmaceutical manufacturers in Ghana because they are the future of Ghana’s pharma landscape. They can support us with machinery and working capital to grow into big pharma over a period time. Next time they provide grants to pharma sector, a percentage should go to small scale pharmaceutical sector.”

Aide Chemists is a leading pharmacy chain in Ghana with branches and franchises across four regions of Ghana. Curist Pharma is an importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products to Ghana Health Service; while its subsidiary, Darl Chemical Industries Ltd, is a manufacturer of small-scale pharmaceutical products.

Pharm. Addo started his business with a capital of GHS5,000 in 2010 and through perseverance and dedication, he gives employment to Pharmacists & their support staff. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Achimota School.

He is a recognized member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana.

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