Airtel Ghana, Telecommunication giant, has partnered with Roverman Productions once again to bring a mind boggling but hilarious live theater performance called 'Bananas and Groundnuts' to Airtel’s valued premier customers.

Bananas and Groundnut tells the story of Ade, an intelligent young woman who wins a huge case at work but instead of bringing with it good tidings, her victory will be the signing of her death warrant the following day.

The plot unfolds when all of Ade’s dreams are quashed when she is kidnapped on her birthday.

Bananas and Groundnuts is certainly another classic creative piece from the stables of Ghana’s theatre powerhouse, Roverman Productions.

The applause were loud, the laughter long, the cheers intermittent and spontaneous.

The show was premiered to staff of Airtel Ghana, their families as well as the company’s Premier customers on 26th of August.

"I laughed so hard and so long I thought my heart would stop and felt my lungs bulging," one patron said.

Patience Obuabang said her mother gave her a big hug after the show, demonstrating her appreciation for the ticket that gave her a perfect Wednesday evening.

She said the lessons in the play hit her like a thunderbolt. As young lady, Patience said she drew valuable enduring lessons from the play.

Hitz FM's Beverly Broohm agreed.

She said, "This is Uncle Ebo's best play I have watched."

Beverly checked herself and conceded, "The problem with Uncle Ebo's plays is that when you watch one, you think it is the best until you see the next one."

She said she couldn't stop laughing even after the show ended because like many ladies, she was confronted with the dilemma Ade faced – choosing between a kind, diligent but boring man and a cosmopolitan, refined, fun loving but nonserious man for a life partner.

The enthralling drama, engaging dialogue, sarcastic rebuttals and dramatic twists in Bananas & Groundnuts eloquently testified to Uncle Ebo's exceptionalism. 

The partnership is a testament of Airtel’s Ghana’s belief in the power of potential through organizations such as Roverman who are making their change through theatre arts.

Bananas and Groundnuts will be shown the general public at the National Theatre from Saturday 29thto 30thAugust at 4:00pm and 8:00pm daily. There will also be a repeat of the show on 5th and 6th September at the same venue and time.

Ticket costs GHC 60 per entry. Customers who purchase their tickets via Airtel Money will receive a 10% discount on the price of the ticket.

Airtel Ghana has also partneredRoverman Production for plays such as ‘Smartest Man Alive’ and ‘Forbidden’.