President Akufo-Addo has reiterated his commitment to ensuring a violence-free election in December.

According to him, it is in his administration’s interest to promote peace and tranquility in the upcoming polls to uphold the country’s democratic credentials on the African continent.

“We are keenly aware of the reputation Ghana has built as a tolerant and working democracy and we have every intention to nurture and improve upon it,” he said.

He made these comments during a virtual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

The assertion comes at a time when the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is accusing the government of engaging in activities that have the propensity of plunging the country into chaos.

The NDC flagbearer John Mahama has already described the Electoral Commission (EC) as an incompetent institution conniving with the governing NPP to disenfranchise Ghanaians in favour of the government.

“It has the potential to create crisis in our country. Today we don’t know if we are going to have a credible register, because we are not confident in the process that is going on,” Mr Mahama said on Tuesday after halting his tour of the Bono Region over some alleged irregularities in the ongoing voters’ register exhibition.

This, he believes, is causing a lot of anarchy and disorder in the country going into an election.

But addressing world leaders on Wednesday, the President state that he will not relent on his effort to oversee a fair and transparent electoral process.

“It is a matter of great pride to me that in spite of the difficulties of conducting an election during a pandemic, I am able to state that all Ghanaians are agreeing that we have to work together to ensure that the election will be transparent, free, fair safe and credible,” the President reiterated.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission has convened an Inter-Party Committee (IPAC) meeting scheduled for September 24, to iron out lingering concerns following the commencement of the voters’ register exhibition exercise.

Ahead of the meeting, the leader of the NDC John Mahama will address the nations on the anomalies bedeviling the process and its probability to undercut the voting rights of the citizenry.