The Secretary of the Board of Trustees for the National Cathedral Project says he is convinced Akufo-Addo will win the upcoming 2020 elections in order to complete the construction of the National Cathedral.

Reverend Kusi Boateng said the mere fact that the President made a promise to God to construct the Cathedral, and has set plans in motion to achieve it, convinces beyond a reasonable doubt that Akufo-Addo is the only man for the job and must finish his work.

He stated that despite Ghana being ruled by Christian Presidents since its Fourth Republic, none of them had made any attempt to put up an edifice to celebrate the contribution of Christians to the development of the country, except Akufo-Addo.

He added that the National Cathedral embodied Ghana’s Christian majority and the contributions of Christians to Education, Health and various other sectors of the country thus it was befitting to be constructed.

Speaking on JoyNews’ The Pulse, Reverend Kusi Boateng said, “My conviction is that God told Samuel that the hand that has begun a good work will also perfect it.

“It means that if the President has started the construction of a Cathedral, it is fair for the government to finish it. If Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo promised the Lord to build him a Cathedral and he has started building it, my conviction is that he will definitely finish the construction of the Cathedral.”

He added that Christians should not sit down for another government to take over and put a stop to the project.

According to him, Christians deserve to have the National Cathedral built to compensate them for their contributions to Ghana and thus must stand their ground and ensure that the Cathedral is built.

“If Christians can sit down, 75% of the population, for another government to come in and say I’ll discontinue the only thing that’s going to be a compensation to Christians, then Christians are weak. It’s time for believers to rise up for the whole nation to understand that we are the majority.

“We pay more taxes, we are at peace with our Muslim brothers and sisters but the same taxes are used for hajj pilgrimage, nobody talks about it. I’ve never spoken about it, I’ve never taken anybody to court about it.

“There are a few boxing fanatics, boxing arenas were built for them, I never took them to court and sue them and so if somebody is also building a National Cathedral for us, for Christians, who are 75% of the population, I wonder how another government will come in and say I have stopped it, and we’d just also sit down and say we agree it should be stopped,” he said.