The Member of Parliament for Okaikwoi Central constituency, Patrick Yaw Boamah says either side of the aisle in Parliament would have to collaborate and build consensus in order to avoid deadlocks in the House during debates.

According to him, the current composition of the House requires a more cohesive approach for the promotion of development in the country.

He was reacting to concerns about the composition of Parliament’s Appointments committee where members from both sides of the political divide constitute 13 members each.

Political analysts have expressed worry that this composition may prove challenging for the President, Akufo-Addo to get his Ministers approved.

However, speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express Wednesday, the Okaikwoi Central MP stated that even though these concerns are justified, he’s hopeful that the crop of Ministers to be presented to Parliament by the President will sail through.

“You realise that in the President’s inaugural speech he reiterated that point firmly that he would want to work with Parliament headed by the Speaker Alban Bagbin, members of [the] opposition, his side of the house to ensure that there is always collaboration and consensus-building.

“In that regard, the President will always nominate people that I believe sincerely will go through the normal processes of the House. You can always have apprehensions about some of this numerical strength in terms of getting 50 percent and the architecture of the house as it is composed now.

“I believe that the President will always bring people that will sail through.”

He added that “We’ll make sure that we talk to each other because if that doesn’t happen like you rightly said, the development that we all aspire to see and the cohesion of government and the progression that we all want to see will not come to.”