The rainstorm that wrecked havoc, Saturday, has sparked a bitter war of words between the Advertisers Association of Ghana (AAG) and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

The storm ripped off roofs, tumbled many trees and sent many giant bill boards in the Accra Metropolis crashing to the ground.

The AAG is accusing the AMA of being responsible for the collapse of the bill boards.

President of the AAG, Francis Dadzie told Joy News the AMA in mounting the giant bill boards has thrown safety standards to the dogs and are only interested in collecting revenues from advertisers.

He said in the past the AAG exercised utmost precaution in mounting bill boards, taking due cognizance of the positioning of the bill boards, pedestrian walkways and minimizing the effects in the likely event of a disaster.

Those precautions, Dazdie noted, have been swept under the carpet, with the ability to pay now the tag line of the AMA.

He said once the AMA collects their revenue they pay little attention to the safety standards by the advertisers.

But in a reaction, the Accra Mayor said Mr Dadzie is being irresponsible in his comments.

Alfred Vanderpuije said in the AMA’s bid to ensure safety standards and to remove illegal billboards mounted at unauthorized areas, Mr. Dazdie and his group took the AMA to court.

He wondered how the AAG will now turn around and accuse the AMA of being responsible for the collapse of the bill boards.

He said it was time for the AAG to do the right thing and admonished the AAG president to be responsible in his comments and actions.

Vanderpuije said the AMA will not renege on its responsibility to rid the city of illegal structures and bill boards.

Commenting on the havoc caused by Saturday’s rain, the Mayor said many buildings, both commercial and residential, had their roofs ripped off.

According to him, electricity and telecom masts were also forced down by the storm, with educational institutions not spared the havoc.

Vanderpuije said the AMA is assessing the extent of damage and will bring the situation under control.