Amy Winehouse’s hospital dash in July was the result of marijuana poisoning and not a reaction to medication, a tabloid report has claimed.

The Rehab singer was admitted to a London hospital on 28 July after falling ill at her home.

Her representative subsequently released a statement blaming her condition on an adverse reaction to medication she is taking to help kick her drug addiction – which the star’s father Mitch has also backed.

But now The Sun newspaper is claiming Winehouse had in fact become sick after allegedly smoking pot for more than a day.

And pals fear Winehouse’s reported addictions will leave her needing medical help for years to come.

A source tells the publication, “Mitch does everything he can to protect his daughter – but his ‘explanation’ for Amy’s hospital dash in July was simply untrue.

“She had smoked an inhuman amount of hash which resulted in acute cannabis poisoning. You have to take a s**tload of pot to suffer that severe a reaction.

“It’s thought she had been smoking it for 36 hours… She is in need of years of psychiatry and medical treatment if she has a hope (of fully recovering).”