The Sunyani East Constituency Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, Ansu Kumi, has been endorsed by the assembly members after securing more than the two-third vote required.

Mr. Kumi on Thursday had 85.1% of the votes cast, made up of 40 yes votes out of 47 members present.

The election was conducted by the electoral commission and witnessed by the Bono Regional Minister, Justina Owusu Banahene, the Member of Parliament for Sunyani East, Kwasi Ameyaw-Cheremeh, Regional party chairman, Kwame Baffor, among other high ranking officials.

After his confirmation, Ansu Kumi, also a former presiding member of the assembly, thanked the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, and promised to coordinate the respective roles of departments under the assembly to ensure the expected development is achieved.

He also said he would work to ensure the security of the municipality is such that residents can go about their legitimate activities without fear.

Ansu Kumi approved as MCE for Sunyani East
Kwasi Ameyaw-Cheremeh, Sunyani East MP, and Justina Owusu Banahene, Bono Regional Minister

“I will get in touch with the key stakeholders to brainstorm to ensure we do our bit for the youth to get jobs to augment that of government on employment”, he stated.

He further said together with the assembly members, they would strive to ensure everyone living in the municipality would be satisfied with the kind of services the assembly seeks to render.

The new Sunyani MCE, Ansu Kumi, is also the National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG) representative for Bono Region, an Assembly member for Ankobea electoral area in the Sunyani East Constituency, and a teacher at Twen eAmanfo Secondary Technical School in Sunyani.

The MP for Sunyani East constituency, Kwasi Ameyaw Cheremeh, had earlier appealed to the assembly members to ensure the tradition of a 100% endorsement by the assembly is sustained.

He said the development of the municipality is of interest to all of them and believes the president’s nominee will continue with the developmental projects.

Ansu Kumi approved as MCE for Sunyani East
Kofi Adjei, Berekum East MCE

The confirmation process was also witnessed by family, friends, traditional leaders, and well wishes.

Earlier, the Berekum East Municipal nominee, Kofi Adjei also got his confirmation after a 100% yes vote. 37 out of the 38 assembly members present all voted to approve the President’s nominee.

Kofi Adjei, who is starting his second term as Berekum East MCE said, developing the communities remains a priority, and with a united front, the benefit of their hard work will be evident and beneficial to all.

He also thanked the President, Nana Akufo-Addo for the honor done to him and the Member of Parliament for Berekum East, Nelson KwakuKyeremeh for his support.

Ansu Kumi approved as MCE for Sunyani East

On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, Dominic Oppong (Berekum West), was also confirmed after all 15 assembly members voted yes. 

The President’s nominee for the Sunyani West Municipal, Evans Kusi Boadum was also endorsed on Tuesday as the Sunyani West Municipal Chief Executive after a 69% yes vote from a total vote cast involving 55 assembly members. 

On Wednesday, and in the Dormaa East District, 29 out of the 30 assembly members present voted yes to confirm Emmanuel Kofi Agyeman with a 100% endorsement for his second term in office, while in Dormaa West District, all 15 members also voted yes to confirm Francis Kwadwo Oppong as the DCE.

Ansu Kumi approved as MCE for Sunyani East

The confirmation process continues as Banda, Tain, and Wenchi take place on Friday, October 1, 2021, with Jaman North, Jaman South, and Dormaa Central expected to take place next week.

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