The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) has urged the government to be transparent in how it spends cash and other donations made to the Covid-19 National Trust Fund.

While commending the government for the bold steps it is taking to fight the spread of the coronavirus in Ghana, the coalition said government and all persons who deal with, or on behalf of the government, in expending the funds must ensure that transparency and accountability to the people prevail.  

“GACC is urging the government and all persons in charge of procuring goods and services to be guided by value for money considerations, and strictly abide by the emergency public procurement laws.  GACC and like-minded CSOs will lead the charge of citizens to demand accountability from the people we have entrusted with our Covid-19 funds and resources,” the anti-corruption agency stated in a press release.

Parliament passed the bill that established the fund about a month ago under a certificate of urgency.

The fund is expected to complement the efforts of the government in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, and also support the needy and the vulnerable who have been afflicted or impacted on by the pandemic and for related matters.  

In the press release issued in Accra on Wednesday, the GACC commended the private sector for donating to the fund and urged those implementing interventions to help communities cope with the effects of the pandemic to continue the good work.

“The Coalition further commends Government for introducing social intervention measures to blunt the effect of the ban on public engagements on commerce, and thus the livelihood of Ghanaians, particularly the most vulnerable in our society,” the GACC added.

The release, signed by GACC Executive Secretary, Beauty Emefa Narteh,  further commended frontline workers in the fight against the virus and urged the public to abide by the safety and hygiene protocols, and restrictions on movements.