Minister for Communications and Digitalisation, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has hinted that plans are underway to introduce a mobile application that will aid self-registration in the ongoing national SIM card registration exercise.

According to her, only about two million of the population as of the end of last week have been able to register successfully, a situation she describes as very low. This is due to the number of SIM cards yet to be registered, hence the need for the ‘app’ to facilitate the exercise.

Speaking at at the 11th Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards in Accra, where she won the Digital Leader Year, Mrs. Owusu-Ekuful said “I must say in the coming weeks, we’re working on launching an application for self-registration.”

“A mobile application that will let individuals register at their own convenience without any delay. This is because looking at the figures it is just about two million SIM cards that had been registered so far and we have about 40 million cards nationwide to register”, she noted.

App for SIM re-registration in offing; only 2m out of 40m captured so far

“I think that is on a bit low side hence the need for us to quicken the pace and clean up our digital eco-system for once and for all” she added.

On how the exercise was faring, she said “it is going well, but let me sound this caution that we are very serious about deactivating all unregistered SIM cards by March 2022 and therefore everyone who is yet to register must take the necessary processes to get registered before the deadline.”

The compulsory SIM card registration exercise begun in the first week of October 2021 for all mobile phone users to register their mobile numbers.

Other award winners of the night are as follows:

Cyber Security Consulting Company of the YearCyberteq Falcon
Emerging ICT Company of the YearTechnology Advantage Group
Mobile Data Service Provider of the YearMTN
Enterprise Solutions Provider of the YearComsys
Cyber Forensic Technology Solutions Provider of the Yeare-Crime Bureau
Wholesale Infrastructure provider of the YearCSquared
Unified Communications Provider of the YearVodafone
Wireless Infrastructure Provider of the YearATC
Customer Experience of the YearMTN
Promoting Public Sector Digital InclusionAscend Digital Solutions
Payments System Innovation of the YearGhQR By  GhIPSS
Best Use of ICT in Driving EfficiencyDriver and Vehicle Licensing Authority ( DVLA)
Metro Fibre Infrastructure Company of the YearComsys
Excellence in ICT for Sustainable DevelopmentGIFEC
Telecom Support Company of the YearATC
Innovative Card Product of The YearEazypay Gh Dual Card By Zenith Bank
Fintech Company of the Year Zeepay
Mobile Money Leadership AwardMTN Momo
Smartphone Brand of the YearTECNO
Internet Service Provider of the YearComsys
Business Transformation Company of the YearCloudware
Telecom Business Service Provider of the YearVodafone
Digital Bank of the YearStandard Chartered
Best ATM and Kiosk Implementation AwardAbsa
Innovative Product of the YearVodafone Cash
Excellence in Cyber Security InitiativesCyber Security Authority
Mobile Banking App of the yearStandard Chartered
Excellence in Social InvestmentMTN
Phone Distributor of the YearMobile Zone
Best Bank for Financial InclusionZenith Bank Ghana
Innovative e-payment solutions Provider of the YearAccelerex Ghana
ICT Manage Services Company of the YearLiranz
Innovative Data Centre Provider of the YearAfrica Datacentre ( ADC)
Africa Infrastructure Company of the YearIHS
Excellence in Driving Digital Transformation HUAWEI
Digital Transformation Provider of the YearReliance Infosystem
Network Operations Team of the YearMTN Network Team
Digital Transformation Team of the YearVodafone
Customer Service Team of the YearMTN Customer Service Team
Telecom Tower Hall all of FameATC
Bespoke Data Product of the YearAirtelTigo
Outstanding Contribution to ICT ReportingSamuel Dowuona, Editor, Tech24gh
Most Promising Customer Services Professional of the YearSalihu Abu, Senior Manager, Customer Relations & Credit Management, MTN
Most Promising Technology  Professional of the YearJoseph Lamptey, Technology – Service Delivery, Vodafone

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