The news about the sentencing of a Sudanese lady to death by hanging for apostasy is an issue disturbing a lot of people on the globe.

According to a BBC report, the eight months pregnant woman is being kept shackled to the wall of her cell as she awaits hanging, her husband has said after visiting her in prison.

Meriam Ibrahim, 26, was sentenced to death in Sudan on Thursday for refusing to recant her Christianity and for marrying Christian Daniel Wani, a Sudanese man with US citizenship who lives in New Hampshire.

 The court found her guilty of apostasy — leaving Islam — even though Miss Ibrahim testified that she was never a Muslim, and was brought up as a Christian by her Ethiopia-born mother.

There are United Nations Charters on human rights that should be effective in the prevention of Islamic bodies from infringing upon the rights of individuals, in a manner similar to the one being witnessed currently, and since the individuals do not have the power to protect themselves, then it becomes the responsibility of the United Nations to strive to ensure that these rights are not denied them.

I particularly find the Sudan case a serious violation of human rights, demanding the outright intervention of the international community, if confidence in these organizations are to be sustained, by especially, third world countries.

I implore world leaders to unite on this , and to utilize the opportunity to prove to the Islamic world that, whereas the world recognizes the right of individuals to freedom of association, no such associations would be permitted to trample upon the rights of any individuals or groups.

We do not need to lose sight of the fact that when catastrophe strikes and lives are lost in numbers, the fact still remains that those are lives of individuals, and that any individual's life is valuable and must be saved.

This appeal comes at a critical time to the United Nations and the international community because I have confidence in its demonstrated ability to deal with the issue swiftly, and hope the world would not be disappointed on an important matter such as this.