It’s common to be confused about whether you’re crazy about someone or just attracted to them. This usually occurs at the start of a relationship—the ‘can’t keep your hands off each other’ stage. Surely, sexual attraction can eventually turn into a long-term relationship, but in case you’re wondering if you’re mistaking incredible sex for actual love, here are the signs:

You guys might be hot in bed, but what’s your equation when you’re not between the sheets? If it’s more of a hot and cold situation where you’re bickering and fighting one minute and making up the next, then it's probably not love.

If you’re interested in spending time with them only in bed and can’t make the effort to do anything that does not involve making out or being naked, then it doesn’t seem like you’re in love.

You might share great physical chemistry, but do you even talk to each other? It’s important to be able to communicate with your significant other for a healthy relationship. After all, you need to share a friendship in order for love to blossom.

While you may be sleeping together, are you comfortable to snuggle up and cuddle with each other? It's way more intimate than having sex.

Though you’re instantly turned on when you see him, do you even think about him or miss him when he’s away?

Physical attraction is surely important in a relationship, but so are other qualities such as kindness, dependability, and trustworthiness. But if you’re focused only on his dreamy eyes and impressive biceps then we have a problem.

There’s no shame in constantly fantasising about your partner. But if you’d rather fantasise than hang out, it’s clear you’re in for the hot parts only.

When someone matters to you, you're keen to meet their family and friends. But if not, then you won’t consider this important.

Nor would you want to introduce them to your own friends and family.

But nothing makes it clearer than knowing you don’t see a future together.