My brethren, today, I write in sadness.

Yesterday, here on my page, I celebrated Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko for his birthday. In response, some people attacked him for his perceived shortcomings.

As I told them, good manners require that we desist from criticizing a man on his birthday. Another occasion when criticism is considered bad manners is when a person dies. It is also bad manners to wish someone death or illness.

A few days ago, on NEAT FM, the NPP'S deputy General Secretary Obiri Boahen stated in reference to the Good Samaritan that if he met former EC Chair Dr. Afari Gyan, by the road side, he would not render any assistance! I do not know how many congratulatory messages he got but I cringed when I read that.

Does he not have an elder in his family, church or party who can tell him that he erred before God and man and should apologize? Was there nobody who could school this ignoramus on what Afari Gyan has done for Ghana, Africa and mankind?

I do not know who brought him up but even at my age, if my mother were alive and I said something like that, my mother, Madam Abena Atta, AKA Maame Mfante, would show up with soap to wash my mouth. Some months ago, no less than an NPP member called me an "enemy combatant" who should be "dealt with".

Folks, we have gotten to where we cannot even wait for people to die before pronouncing them dead. Perhaps, we forget that we shall all die. Furthermore, wishing someone dead can turn on you. JFK approved the assassination of Fidel Castro and died soon after. Many sang "Osu cemetry, Paa Willie a na oko" and died before Paa Willie. Let be humble and seek the face of God.

Throughout history, across cultures and continents,even bitter enemies mourn their opponents in death.

In 1881, when Benjamin Disreali died, William Gladstone, his implacable political foe, eulogized him in Parliament.

In 1978, when Jomo Kenyatta died, his political nemesis, Oginga Odinga, not only showed up for the funeral– he sang a funeral dirge!

When J.B. Danquah died, Nkrumah should have eulogized the man who brought him to Ghana on his way to greatness. He should never have left it to Azikiwe to eulogise him from afar.

To return to our current politics, there is too much hatred and lack of civility. We need some love.

My NDC brothers, the NPP guys you know are not your enimies; they are your opponents. My NPP brothers; the NDC guys you know are not your enemies; they are your opponents. Stop listening to false leaders who befriend those of other parties Nicodemusly even while they encourage public enmity.

Tomorrow, if you are NPP, when you pray for your party leaders, include John Mahama. If you are NDC, when you pray for your party leaders, include Nana Addo.

Finally, my brethren, I leave you with Gladstone. He said, "We look forward to the day when the power of love will replace the love of power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace".

Let's say "Amen".

God bless you and Ghana.