In 2016, the Asante-Akyem North District was ranked 178 among all 260 Metropolitan, Municipal, and District assessments in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

It was a poor rank, however, increased investment and other measures introduced by authorities moved the district up to 98th in 2017 and 42nd in 2018.

 A target was set to have the district in the top 20 set for 2019, but last year’s ranking is yet to be published.

“The indication we are getting is that the results of 2019 give us a 93.3 per cent success. The comparison we make is to the Regional winners of last year who got a 92 per cent success rate and became first”, Member of Parliament, Andy Appiah-Kubi said.

It is, therefore, expected that the District will be ranked between first and third in the regional ranking and at least tenth nationwide when the ranking is finally released.

The District Assembly with support from Member of Parliament, Andy Appiah-Kubi, has invested huge sums of money into education to achieve the current level of success.

Rehabilitation of school buildings has been on-going across the district, with the latest being Juansa Presbyterian JHS which will soon move into a new classroom block fully furnished with necessary teaching and learning materials including a computer laboratory.

Already, the school has received ten computers out of twenty presented by Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications through the Member of Parliament.

Since 2017, plans were made to keep final year students in school on weekends and public holidays to ensure performance is enhanced.

Aside from the investment, Asante Akyem North District Assembly is working with other stakeholders to consider new by-laws to restrict the movement of children after 7:30 pm.

Andy Appiah-Kubi is spearheading the move in a bid to sustain gains made in recent school performance.

BECE ranking high

The MP, in 2016, patrolled streets of Juansa and its environs at night to get children off the streets.

With time, the areas saw fewer children roaming at night even when the MP was out of town.

With this same mode of operation, the proposed legislation will be enforced by volunteers in local communities when it comes into effect.

 A committee of legal experts has been set up draw draft within the framework of national and human rights laws.

“We want the committee to carefully look at the legislation and advise us accordingly so that the enforcement will be easy. We don’t want a situation where people will start making noise during implementation”, Francis Oti Boateng is District Chief Executive.

Charles Asamoah lives at Agogo, near Dollar Spot, one of the biggest entertainment spaces in the area.

Even though the father of three claims his children are always home before 8 pm, he admits other children roam the streets daily until midnight.

BECE ranking high

It will be one of the areas where volunteers will have to concentrate when the by-laws should take effect.

Already, parents are being educated on the need to sustain gains in education especially with the new laws being enacted.

Children are also being educated on the law.

Whether the laws will be effective and achieve expected results will be determined with time.