One of the victims of the Ashaiman gas explosion is dead.

He died at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital, Tuesday, where he and five others were transferred after the burns they sustained on Monday worsened.

Eighteen people sustained varying degrees of injuries when a gas cylinder being used at a food joint exploded, Monday afternoon.

They were quickly rushed to the Tema General Hospital out of which six, whose conditions were said to have deteriorated, were transferred to the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital.

One of them died few hours later. Four others are still in critical condition.

Doctors at the Korle Bu teaching hospital say they are struggling to save the lives of the four victims because their intensive care unit lacks some equipment for their upkeep.

Dr Amanda Quarshie, one of the doctors who worked throughout the night to save the accident victims told Joy News some of the victims have their mouths swollen which is not a good sign.

“These people really need intensive care to survive,” she said adding, “they are severely burnt.”

Deputy Local Government Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah who visited the accident victims to sympathize with them told Joy News he was “shocked at the extent of burnt.”

He said his ministry will liaise with hospital authorities to provide all that is needed for those who are in a critical condition.

He commended doctors at the Tema General Hospital and the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for working assiduously to save the patients.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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