The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is disappointed in Ghanaians for remaining silent over the handling of voter registration issues by the Electoral Commission (EC).

The General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah says he is disappointed in the public’s reaction to what the EC does or does not do.

He told Citi News that he was unhappy about the fact that despite his persistent complaints about insufficient funding for the EC by government, which has led to poor handling of the voters’ registration exercise, Ghanaians have remained quiet.

He said Ghanaians are witnesses to the fact that he took issue with the EC about their level of funding, but the EC denied it and said they have enough funding. He recounted that even the President himself said during Independence Day celebrations that the EC has been given sufficient funding for its work.

“But now the Chairman of the EC comes out to say they do not have the money to print copies of voter registers for political parties and Ghanaians are quiet about it. I feel very hurt.” He said.

Mr. Nketiah said, “This is something that is being perpetrated to mar the beauty of our elections and they have been forewarned and yet they have proceeded to do just that, and the public is quiet.”

When Selorm Adonu of Citi News reminded him that it appears it is only the NDC which always has problems with the EC, he responded, “as a good citizen when you see a wrong thing being perpetrated, it is your duty to talk about it.”

“In all instances the NDC has been vindicated,” he maintained.

The media were not left out. “That is why I feel disappointed in some of you, because when we raise these issues you join other people to condemn us, but when it comes to pass and the problem has been created, we expect you to join us to condemn those who knowingly slept over their jobs and allow the problem to happen, but you don’t.”

“You always claim the NDC is crying wolf where there is no wolf, but when the wolf does come you keep quiet.” He chided.

Asked if the NDC was surprised about the large number of voters, about 13 million eligible voters, he said the NDC was not surprised because they have warned the EC and the nation, and now they have created the opportunity and made it less costly for people to commit crimes, and people have committed the crime.

He said when the NDC raised warnings about this problem, they were called names, and “we told the EC to do what would enable it to have a credible register and they won’t listen, now you have a bloated register, and whom are you blaming? Are you blaming the NDC?”

According to Mr. Nketiah, they do not have confidence in the electoral register, saying that even the EC itself which compiled the register has come out to say that the register is bloated, insisting that the NDC has no confidence in the integrity of the register.

“But what can we say?” He asked. “However badly prepared the EC is, we will make something good out of a bad situation.” He said.

Meanwhile, the EC is going on with its photo taking exercise around the country.

Source: ghananewstoday