Assembly man encourages open beach defecation

Assembly man for Lower New Takora in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly Emmanuel Edwin is encouraging residents to stop using public toilets and instead defecate openly at the beaches.

Emmanuel told Radio Maxx’s Nana Adwoa Entuaah open defecation in the area cannot be stopped.

He said some areas along the beaches have been designated for people to ease themselves.

He alleged money collected from the public toilet goes into the pocket of some individuals and not the assembly.

"This is something very practicable in all coastal towns. Both left and right of [the coast] we give them some areas.

"When it is high tide whatever is there the sea will wash it away."

"We can't stop them. We can only control them. I am telling you the fact.

When his attention was drawn to the fact there is a public toilet just close by, the Assembly man said:

'They are saying they can't pay the 30 pesewas and 50 pesewas to go to the public toilet.

"Whatever is going there the community is not seeing the essence of  it.

"If i pay for my toilet and whatever is collected is used for the development of my community then i am prepared to… shit more get more money for the development of the community.

On the contrary he said the managers of the public toilet are not accountable to anybody so as a way of sabotaging them.

"I won't shit for you to get money to use the money to serve your own interest. I will go to my god the sea. I will shit so that the fish will also use it," he explained.