Assembly members have called on government to give them allowances to ease the financial burden they shoulder since they are sometimes compelled to offer financial assistance to those in need.

“People in need in the area see the assembly member as a respectable person. They would approach him to chair their babies’ naming ceremonies, make you chairman of the harvest committee and pay hospital bills. All theses require money,” they said in a communique issued on Tuesday by representatives of assembly members after a capacity building workshop in Accra.

They said the committee stipulated in Article 71 of the constitution to determine the allowances of DCEs, should also be mandated to determine the emoluments of assembly members.

The communique also called on the government to fully compensate assembly members for the work they do for the country.

“Full compensation of assembly members should, in the interim be charged on the internally generated fund and subsequently on the consolidated fund,” said the communique.

The assembly members also called for a regular sensitization of the public on local government systems by the National Commission on Civic Education and capacity building workshops for all assembly members nationwide on government policies.

Madam Mardey Ohui Ofoe, Executive Director of Foundation for Female Photojournalists, which sponsored the workshop, expressed her dissatisfaction about the meagre allowances given to assembly members when they attended assembly meetings.

In some districts, these allowances were one Ghana cedi. Meanwhile the responsibilities entrusted to these assembly members by the constitution went beyond only attending meetings, she added.

Source: GNA