The Energy Minister, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has warned persons who attack workers of power distribution companies in the country.

Addressing a press briefing on Wednesday, the Minister said such acts will not be tolerated.

He insisted that the staff of both the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCO) are only doing their jobs; thus, they should not be prevented from doing that.

“The attack on ECG and NEDCo staff. The butchering of NEDCo workers, because they are doing their normal duty, will not be tolerated,” he warned.

Some parts of the country have been experiencing intermittent power supply in recent times.

The situation has caused a section of Ghanaians to question “if ‘dumsor’ has returned?” It was for this reason, among other issues relating to the Energy sector, that caused Dr Prempeh to address the media.

At the briefing, the Energy Minister attributed the power fluctuations to some unfavourable load imbalance in the systems used to deliver power.

“A couple of days ago, we had the Aboadze Switch Yard burnt and has led to a lot of intermittent power curtailment in parts of Western Region, Central Region, and even the Greater Accra Region because what GRIDCo is doing is to put all the networks in a circuit such that energy can be wheeled wherever with automatic metres and staff in there to ensure that even when they stay in their offices, and the power comes, they put it on, but that also meant that they will increasingly have trip offs if the load imbalance is unfavourable to the system. So the system decides to shut itself down to prevent machine and equipment damages.”

“So it’s true that parts of the country are experiencing intermittent power charges because of a combination of factors, which are the works we are doing and the light going off by itself.”

He also bemoaned the revenue leakages in the power sector.

“We complain when we don’t have the energy, and we don’t pay for it when we have it. Something must give.

“So we implore all Ghanaians, the little that ECG gives to you, pay for it,” he appealed.