The Attorney-General's Department has failed to pay compensation to a 25-year old man bedridden since 2011 after a police officer shot a vehicle he was sitting in.

Since the Attorney-General’s Department agreed to an out-of-court settlement in February 2013, lawyers for Stephen Arthur say no money has been paid.

“But it is now May. If you call the office of A-G, they never call you back…it is always one story after the other” one of the lawyers said.

The fifth anniversary of the 4 January 11, 2011 shooting was observed in his bed where Stephen is wrapped in baby diapers.

Doctors say he has zero muscle power, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, erectile dysfunction amongst others.

A medical description which in lay man’s terms is translated to mean Stephen will be “permanently dependent for the rest of his life”.

“No hope of regaining the lost functions of his muscles, kidney and anal," the report said.

It all happened through one irresponsible police officer who, in one moment of madness, shot the young man while he was travelling in a Nissan March on at Bowjiase barrier around Kasoa.

The Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau (PIPS) in a police inquiry has condemned the constable’s actions. But even before any punishment could be meted out, the constable absconded.

The police say they are yet to find him since his 2011 escape after he was granted bail.

The police took up the victim's medical bills…. and put him on a ₵500 monthly allowance.

“He is still enjoying it as at now” Public Affairs Director of the Ghana Police Service Supt. Cephas Arthur told Joy News’ Kwabena Owusu Ampratwum who broke the story.

In its understanding of compensation, the Police Service has recruited Richard’s brother into the service.

“So that his brother can take care of him from his earning as a police officer,” the Police Public Affairs Director explained.

Stephen says his brother finds his condition so repugnant he has consistently refused to help him. He says his request for a glass of water was refused and he has had to suffer severe verbal abuse.

“I was so worried so I decided to take poison”. Stephen Arthur drank a disinfectant, Dettol which was by his bedside in an attempted suicide.

As his system reacted to the harmful substance, Stephen says his tummy began bloating, forcing his brother to rush him to the Police Hospital in Accra.

Stephen has been there since the year began. He does not want to go back to the rented home anymore for fear of his brother.

“I don’t know where to go. I have no place to go”, a man tired of life, the hospital food and tired of the Attorney-General’s litany of excuses said.

At the last meeting with the Attorney-General’s Department in January, a lawyer with the department revealed that his compensation would be due in March 2016.

Justice minister and Attorney-General Marrietta Brew Oppong-Appiah

The Attorney-General’s Department was rushing Stephen’s compensation through a certificate of urgency, the attorney assured but nothing has been heard since.

The feet-dragging of the Attorney-General has left lawyers frustrated and helpless whilst Mr. Arthur continues to bear indignity in the hospital.

The Police hospital authorities at some point actually wanted him out of the facility because they needed his bed for another patient. He was wheeled out of the ward and left in the yard where Owusu Ampratwum found him weeping.

The only place where Stephen feels he may be accepted is the grave but death does not appear to need him.

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