The Auditor-General (A-G) has written to the Senior Minister asking him for more time to access, collate and file evidence documents he based his disallowance and surcharge decision on.

Daniel Yao Domelevo failed to file the said documents in the high court 14 days after service of the appeal filed by Osafo Maafo and the four others contrary to the provisions of the applicable law which deems such conduct a contempt of the High Court. 

This prompted the Senior Minister and the others to cite the A-G for contempt of the Accra High Court. Subsequent to the publication of the contempt application, the A-G, in a letter, is pleading with Mr. Osafo Maafo and the four others for “further period of 14 days”. 

It is yet to be known whether the Senior Minister and the four others have the power to grant the plea being made by Mr Domelovo.

The Auditor-General was mandated to file with the Registry of the High Court copies of all documents he was required to rely on, before making a decision on disallowance and surcharge 14 days from December 13, 2019, when, according to the court registry, he was served with the said notice of appeal. 

Based on information already in the public domain Mr Maafo and the four others believe that the Auditor-General could not produce any document in accordance with the provisions of Order 54A rule 5(1) within the period provided by the law because, he did not have any audit working papers since if he did, he could have readily accessed and filed them within 14 days.