Head coach of Accra Great Olympics, Annor Walker, has revealed that his former player Gladson Awako is unhappy about his move to Hearts of Oak and is desperate to return to the Dade Boys.

Hearts of Oak completed the signing of Awako this summer after the 30-year-old was helped Great Olympics to a sixth placed finish in the league last season.

The move to Hearts was expected to bolster Samuel Boadu’s squad in the CAF Champions League this season, however, reports have suggested that things have gone south between the player and club after the move.

In an interview with OMY TV after a pre-season friendly win over 1st Division side Young Apostles, Walker hinted that, he is doing all he can to bring the player back to the team. 

“Honestly I’m worried for him, because he is my son and I made him who he is today so it’s my wish that management of Great Olympics will return the money and let Awako return to the club. He informed me that he is not happy moving to Hearts and he is not ready to play for Hearts, and he wished he is with me and I’m doing my best to convince management to accept the money and let my former captain return and play for me again,” he said.

The 61-year-old added that, both clubs (Great Olympics and Hearts of Oak) made a bad deal.

“The contract between both clubs was a bad contract and for that matter you can’t sign a contract which has clause stating that, before 2nd October, 2021, Hearts must pay the transfer fee or else the player won’t join them. That is not good, so management have to consider the circumstances and allow the boy to re-join them otherwise the player will not play in the upcoming season”.

The Ghana Premier League transfer window closes on October 23, 2021 and the future of the player is expected to be settled before the deadline.

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