The Majority Leader in Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has told Citi FM that a reshuffle in the nine-month old Mills administration will do the young Government a lot of good.

He says there are weak links in the government which need tightening. Earlier, rumours of an impending reshuffle by President John Mills were brushed aside by government officials.

The widely speculated reshuffle found footing in an earlier indication but nine months into the Mills administration, the Majority Leader tells Citi FM a ministerial reshuffle is critical towards strengthening the Mills administration.

“There are weaknesses here and there…so I think there are areas that we need as a government to look into and maybe try and invigorate them with some new faces that could assist to get things going,” he said.

Mr Bagbin also lent a limb to former President Jerry Rawlings’ open criticisms of the Mills administration.

Mr Rawlings spares no punches anytime he gets the opportunity to lash at President Mills. He has on several public platforms attacked President Mills, accusing him of lacking what he terms “the revolutionary zeal” in his government.

He has numerously questioned the reasoning behind President Mills’ decision to maintain some carry-over appointees from the Kufuor-administration.

Mr Bagbin says there must be more of such criticisms from Mr Rawlings to put the Mills administration on its toes.

“I think that it is good for the country, and I want to encourage the former presidents whether Kufuor or Jerry to keep coming up with criticisms because they have a store of experience and knowledge that is needed for the country.”

Source: Citifm