Bantama Constituency executives of the NPP who are being accused of disregarding a court order to organize constituency elections are contesting the contempt motion.

Vice-Chairman, Aboagya Dacosta and another respondent in the contempt suit have filed an affidavit in a High Court to counter claims by the aggrieved polling station executives.

Earlier in December last year a Kumasi High Court granted an interlocutory injunction to restrain national, regional and constituency executives from going ahead with constituency elections until the determination of an alleged case of electoral malpractices.

This follows a writ in which about 60 polling station executives alleged some unqualified persons were allowed to vote in breach of the NPP constitution.

Both plaintiffs and defendants were in court, but hearing was adjourned to March 3.

Though Constituency Chairman, Henry Kwabena Kokofu admitted knowledge of of the injunction in an affidavit filed on December 9, his vice claims he dismissed the order as fictitious.

Mr. Aboagye’s affidavit appears to contain contradiction, as he claims in another breath; the action does not amount to interlocutory injunction.

He admits the court upheld on 14th December the matter be settled failure of which it should be brought back to court.

He says the decision to go ahead with the constituency elections was reached at a meeting of both parties to the dispute on 20th December, last year.

Mr. Aboagye says the notice of interlocutory injunction was pasted at the constituency office while the election was held at the Lebanon Club on the instructions of the regional and national executives.

Meanwhile, counsel for plaintiff, Michael Owusu declines comment on the issue, except to say the court will decide.

Story by Ohemeng Tawiah


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