Ghana striker, Asamoah Gyan is being tipped by Liverpool legend John Barnes to enjoy a successful second season in England.

Barnes is backing Gyan to improve on his first season’s performance because of his attitude.

Barnes, who is on a trip to Accra in an interview, to be aired on Thursday on Oti Adjei Report on TV3, explains that even though the Ghanaian is yet to reach his full potential, Gyan epitomises the good attitude to build on his debut performance.

“He has been fantastic and he has had a good career, he is a very good player and adjusted straight away. He scored goals and showed his quality and that has a lot to do with his attitude.

“A lot of the Ghanaian players have good attitude, good determination, good spirit. There are certain African countries with better individual players, but for me the Ghanaian players play with the right spirit, the right attitude, which are all part of the qualities you need to be a good footballer, because he works very hard.

“You may say there are better players technically but in terms of what he gives to the team he has been sensational,” Barnes says.

After managing double figures in his first season in England, following his £13-million move from Stade Rennes in England, Barnes thinks Gyan can impress again.

“It will be a bigger challenge but I think he is up to the challenge because of his commitment and desire. I know from watching him play for Ghana that he gives 100 % when he plays.

“If you rest on your laurels after a first season, the second season will be a big challenge and he doesn’t seem to be the kind of player to do that. He seems to be the kind of player who still has the desire to do what he has done and do it again.”



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