Vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia has joined residents in the Oti regional capital, Dambai to inaugurate the Regional House of Chiefs.

The inauguration has become necessary following the creation of the region on May 15, 2019, after a referendum in 2017.

He urged members of the Oti Regional House of Chiefs to uphold the law in order to bring development to their people.

Dr Bawumia also urged the members to judiciously administer lands properly in order to ensure peace and stability in their respective areas.

He has asked the chiefs to join the clarion call to speak against the ills of society.

The Vice President has also asked residents in the Oti region to consider ongoing projects in the region and give the government the next four years to govern the country.

He said there is more in stock from the NPP government for them in its next term of governance.

The spokesperson for the chiefs, Nana Mprah Besemuna III asked the Vice President to consider getting a seed capital for what he says in a deprived region.

Speaking to JoyNews, Krachi Wura, Nana Mprah Besemuna III explained why he requested from government a seed capital of ¢2 million to start the administrative works of the regional house of chiefs.