Director of Mokasa Women’s Trust Fund, Mona Quartey has advised the public to be vigilant and inquisitive of the wellbeing of children in their communities.

Reacting to a JoyNews report about the abuse of a three-year-old boy by his father, Mona Quartey said, “children are the future and they are so precious that there has to be some way of protecting children like this.

“Of course, it is these cases that bring to light these matters. So now we all know and keep an eye out for each other’s child.”

She explained that even though society has become close-knit and private, it remains important for everybody in a neighbourhood to be responsible for the upkeep of every child in a community.

Sharing what that may look like, she said, “I’m glad that those neighbours who heard the child crying, called the mother to come.”

“I think that we are all each other’s keepers and we should as a nation watch out for children who appear to not look well. We should query what is going on,” just the neighbours did for the three-year-old child.

“In the past we’ve helped with street children, it’s not enough. We have to be a little more inquisitive and find out what is going on when we see a child who doesn’t look well,” Mrs Quartey stressed.

She is hoping consequently that policy will be strengthened in terms of how they are written and also that implementation which is the “most key thing of everything” would be effective.

After weeks of gruelling pain inflicted on him by his biological father for bedwetting, three-year-old Junior has been discharged from the hospital.

The little boy whose ordeal sparked national outrage underwent treatment at the Manhyia Government Hospital for three weeks for severe wounds.

The abuser, Ebenezer Nana Bonsu, 25, who resides at Buokrom in the Ashanti Region was said to have perpetrated the act using naked wire and canes.