The audience at the National Theatre was confounded when the host of Vodafone Icons announced Ratty as the evictee for the week.

While some could not believe their ears, others chanted retorts which overshadowed the amplified voices of the host and judges.

“Was it not this same Ratty who received the best act last week?!” a member in the audience exclaimed.

The talented rapper dazzled the audience with his perfect Twi raps to accompany Frank Edwards’ ‘You Too Dey Bless Me’ track.

The Icons stage witnessed another double eviction that night. Reggie joined Ratty in leaving the house.

Her health was her reason for opting out of the show, however it seems her pain of leaving the contest comes nowhere near that of the only rapper in the show.

Coincidentally, week six on the Icons Remix edition coincides with the day two other evictees were booted out, bringing the number of evictees to six.

So far, the show has seen Willie, Enam, Hannah, Eli, Naya, Reggie and Ratty axed down.

This week’s show was dedicated to soul music and the remaining contestants comforted the heart-broken audience with wonderful jazz and RnB tunes.

From the list of excellent performances recorded for the night, Chris swept the three judges off their feet with ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ by Michael Jackson.

The compliments from the judges and the audience explain why the Kumasi Icon won the best act for the night for the second time.

With only six contestants left, the question on every mind is 'will history repeat itself with the cruel axing of  fan’s favourites?'. Time will tell.