Betika, the fastest-growing gaming firm in Ghana, has announced a Gh₵1.3M partnership with Asante Kotoko Sporting Club.

The firm aims to invest in the youth by nurturing talent through sports, arts, and culture. Asante Kotoko is a professional football club from Kumasi, Ashanti Region in Ghana, and competes in the Ghanaian Premier League. The club has declared Betika as the official betting partner.

Under the sponsorship, Asante Kotoko will be receiving about GH₵630,000 per annum in cash and in-kind. They will also receive footballs, nets, and other sports equipment. Through the sponsorship, Betika seeks to improve the team’s performance in the Premier league and help scout for talent from grassroots across the country.

During the official signing and Jersey unveil, Asante Kotoko teams Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nana Yaw Amponsah (LLM) said, “We are glad to see this partnership with Betika finally coming to pass.  Again, welcome to the porcupine family. Our players are extremely happy with the strides you have taken over the last few months to ensure a seamless partnership. The porcupine symbolises the strength of the Asante Kingdom, with you on board, we know you our partnership means we are stronger together to conquer many more territories.”

Betika’s Head of Business, Ms. Michelle Kwame said that “It’s been almost a month since we signed with the Asante Kotoko family, under this partnership, we have been overwhelmed with the response from the porcupine family. We thank you for accepting us and we are looking forward to more engagement with the players and the fans. We have come on board to help project the image of the club and make the fans happy. As Betika, the success of Asante Kotoko is our success and we are certainly looking forward to the opportunities ahead of us with this partnership.”

Mr. Amponsah said that “The Porcupine Warriors believe that this partnership will go a long way towards not only easing the clubs’ financial obligations but also increasing the leagues’ monetary incentive.”

He also noted that with the increase in the level of competition among the premier league, the league has greatly improved in performance.

Betika has gained the market share and will soon grow into a massive movement across the country with sports lovers taking to the firm’s social media pages to congratulate the firm for partnering with Asante Kotoko.

Betika continues to reaffirm its commitment in supporting sports, arts, and culture across the country in 2022.

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