By virtue of winning the Head of House Task on Friday and surviving Eviction on Sunday, Vina became the first Amplified Housemate to be guaranteed a spot in the Final week.

She has a Save and Replace decision and in the event she does not opt to place herself on the firing line the same way Karen did when she was Head of House, she can safely consider herself one step closer to the big prize.

Since there’s only one eviction show left before the finale, Vina can use powers vested upon her as Head of House and secure a shot at the USD200 000 prize money.

Throughout her stay in the Big Brother House, Vina only dodged nominations once; that happened the first week when Housemates were reunited.

Other than that, she has been up for possible eviction each week the Heads House nominated but she had an opportunity to save herself and replace with Felicia, who was eventually evicted.

It would be expected for Vina to feel that – after all the emotional turmoil associated with Evictions – she deserves to get a shot at the big reward.

Credit: Big Brother Amplfied