The Chief Executive Officer of DV Unlimited Company Limited, Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman has won the award for the Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Company of the Year in this year’s Africa’s Most Respected CEOs awards.

This was at an event held at the plush Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai Creek Heights in the UAE, where leading CEOs across the African continent were given awards for their phenomenal leadership and management.

The theme for this year’s event was “The Role of the African Corporate Pace-Setters in maximizing the opportunities offered by the AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Agreement).

Over the past seven years, DV Unlimited Company Limited has manufactured personal care and home care products under the brand name DV Kliners. These wide range of products include shower gels, body lotions, detergents, sanitizers, hair shampoos and conditioners, guest room and hotel amenities, amongst others.

The company since its inception has been a major partner of the H4P Organization, an NGO founded by Bishop Dr. Hackman with the vision to promote the fundamental human rights and privileges of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Ghana.

His selfless dedication in the disability community for the past decade has been recognized and applauded both on the national and international stage. His outstanding roles in the lives of several PWDs and special need institutions made Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman a recipient of the humanitarian award at the Ghana Leadership Awards in October 2020.

Bishop Dr. Charles C. Hackman in the ceremony expressed gratitude for the honour being done and dedicated the award first to the disability community of Ghana and to Fire City Chapel, the church he presides over.

Africa’s Most Respected CEOs awards is a noble, unique and prestigious pan-African awards scheme by The Business Executive which publicly recognizes the top corporate chief executives of private enterprises and public institutions in fields including Real Estate, Food and Beverages, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals etc.

The primary objective is to identify some leading CEOs in Africa so that enterprises across the continent can have a guide as to the counterparties they can safely do business with. The awards scheme is also to facilitate intra-African business collaborations and partnerships.

Other winners for the night included Mr. Yoofi Grant, CEO of Ghana Investment Promotional Centre and Baron Ing Dr. Clifford A. Braimah, Managing Director of Ghana Water Company Limited for the National Investment Promotion and  Water Supply categories respectively.

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