Blame Police for cocaine swap – Effah-Dartey

Lawyer for one of the court officials being probed in the ‘cocaine turned soda’ saga, Capt. (rtd) Nkrabea Effah-Dartey, has pointed accusing fingers at the Police in whose custody the substance was before it was tendered in evidence in court.

According to him, the Police Service is almost entirely to blame for the swapping of the narcotic substance because they had custody of it from the moment it was intercepted till it was handed over to the court.

“…I will put 90 percent of the blame on the police who had custody of the exhibits from 2008 until 2011,” he charged.

The substance, which was previously certified to be cocaine, mysterious transformed into baking soda while it was being kept with the court.

Chairman of the four-member committee charged to investigate how the swapping occurred, stated on Friday that the trial judge, Eric Kyei-Baffour, erred in citing the Supreme Court case, Justice Smith v. KLM Dutch Airline, to back his order for a retesting of the substance which revealed it was not cocaine but baking soda.

However Capt. Effah-Dartey told Joy News in an interview Friday the error committed, if any at all, would not have any serious impact on the case.

He continued that any party that disagreed with the judge’s ruling could challenge it by simply appealing.

The lawyer explained that the Cocoa Affairs court has no strong room where exhibits are to be kept and added that that was why the ‘cocaine’ had to be kept in the judge’s chamber.