Blunt and Blay: My ideological musings

Our beliefs change a lot; they change over time influenced by multiple factors. And so over a certain period I moved from a staunch Christian to an Atheist and agnostic at a point, then a follower of Jesus Christ and the prophets in between.

The “religious malleability” did commence with reading Dan Brown’s famous Da Vinci code. I have no regrets. I went to prep early and found it under a table. Read it in 48hours while trying to find the owner. My political inclination also has a similar history. Dad was centre right and or so I thought till I grew to find out he started out centre left. Prior to that discovery I held no views or orientation.

Then someone told me about a book. He asked that I find and read. It’s title “Ghana-My Autobiography”. I was hearing about it the very first time and was intrigued. Was told it had been authored by a great Ghanaian who was Nzema like myself. I did try to find the book but never found it anywhere.

Then to Legon, first year I continued my search and didn’t find it either. I met this gentleman sometime later. Also Nzema; Erzuah Nvidah. He was the most remarkable and learned person I had encountered up to that stage in my life. He invited me over to his end and we spoke about books, autobiographies largely and argued over religion. I told him about this book I was searching for and there it was on his shelf. He gave me his copy to go and read.

I dare say, never did anything captivate me like that book did. Neither have I seen my self in so many different ways ever. All my dreams, visions of society, challenges seemed to have long manifested in another man’s life. Words can’t describe what I felt. I left the book clear in my mind that the black man is capable. That we must strive to create an equitable society. He called his belief Nkrumaism.

Some say it’s no different from other left ideas. But then again, Nkrumah had shortfalls I couldn’t help but realize. He was tactical and vicious. One who seemed focused on the goal than the means to achieving it. His political opponents suffered for he saw them as being against his dream; a better Ghana.

So I became Nkrumaist, briefly moved away and returned only to move away again and again. Then I realized the left and all extremes there seem fair. That the state must be concerned about the vulnerable, the greater good. But of what use are such ideals In Ghana? Our left in the 4th Republic has been less left than our right, that has been more left. And so orientation does little.

Then came the final realization that we are in a survival game, trying to become better individuals with a better life, first for ourselves, secondly our immediate family and then for society. There are some who arrange this differently.

But it is the struggle! And our allies are only those who support our beliefs. Beliefs that change and lead us to be friends with some at some point, others at another point and no one on other occasions.

Call it my ideological musings