Minister for Sanitation and Wtaer Resources, Cecilia Abena Dapaah

The Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecilia Abena Dapaah has urged the newly inaugurated Board of Directors for the Ghana Water Company, to ensure that the debt incurred by the company is properly managed, in accordance with the public financial management Act.

Speaking at the inauguration of the board, she explained that the board’s duties amongst others are to ensure the protection of the public purse.

“We should also take into consideration the Public Financial Management Act 2016 Act 921. This also places enormous responsibility on people in charge of public funds. I urge you to seriously consider the judicious use of resources, and also protect the public purse to ensure that the debt situation of the company is managed within acceptable limits.”

Madam Cecilia Dapaah further urged members of the board to hold and attend meetings on a quarterly basis.

Newly inaugurated Board Chairman, Patrick Yaw Boamah assured, in turn, the Minister that he will work hand in hand with his colleagues to work within the budget allocated to the company.

“It has come at a time that a company that has over 4000 employees with over 90 plants nationwide, still depends so much on government to survive. And I believe that we must move the company in a certain direction where they can be able to do a lot of things on the back of their own balance sheet.”

Members of the Board include; Board Chairman, Hon. Patrick Yaw Boamah, Managing Director, Ing. Dr.Clifford Abdallah Braimah, Noah Tumfo, Michael Ayesu, Ewuntomah Zakariah, Joseph Kwaku Acolatse, Vida Affum Duti, Prof. Forster Kum-Ankama Sarpong, Hon. Akwasi Konadu and Hadisu Alhassan.

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