The latest evictee in Multi TV’s I’m in Love with Bomaye reality show, Blay says she felt betrayed after the King nominated her for eviction from the house.

She was eventually evicted from the house last week while Gifty and Favour, the other maidens who also found their names on the eviction list survived the scare.

When caught up with Blay, she said: “he [Bomaye] would be laughing with you, playing with you, but in his mind he would be planning to nominate or evict you. If he knows he would be nominating me for eviction, he should not have come closer to me to give me a wrong impression”.

“I am everything Bomaye expected in a girl; I cook, I wash, I do everything so I don’t see the reason why he should evict me,” frustrated Blay protested.

The latest casualty in the 24-hour reality show again stated: “Even if your vote is low, he can still save you if he wants you in the house”.

Nevertheless, Blay told she is cocksure Bomaye would come looking for her when the show ends.

“I have been saying that he would definitely come and look for me when the show ends because I know he’s not making the right decision by letting me go”.

Blay, however believes that if she is given a second chance in the “Bomaye” house, she would improve on her intimacy with the King and make sure no other maiden crossed her path.

But while she awaits the second chance, if any, Blay said she would go ahead with her acting career. So far, she has about five movies to her credit. Some of it include; Grooms Bride, Five Brides, Fortunate Prostitute, In the Blood, and Living with Tracy.

As the competition gets keener, the head of one more maiden is expected to roll this Sunday. According to Blay, that could be Favour or Gifty.

Tune in to Real TV on Multi TV this Sunday evening for the thrilling eviction show.

Multi TV, more thrills!