A 57-year-old British national who allegedly abused the hospitality accorded him by his Ghanaian host and indecently assaulted his host’s three-year-old daughter has been remanded in custody.

Thomas Alan Tichler, a consultant, was alleged to have inserted his fingers into the victim’s private part which resulted in the girl bleeding profusely.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Accra Wednesday, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mr Joe Ghartey said Tichler committed the offence on October 13, 2007 at the residence of the victim barely a week after his arrival in the country.

Tichler has been charged with causing harm and indecent assault and would be arraigned before the Circuit Court in Accra Thursday November 1, 2007.

He said reports reaching his office indicated that the victim had undergone surgery.

Mr Ghartey stated that his outfit would investigate the claim and, if found to be true, the suspect would be charged with defilement in addition to the charges of causing harm and indecent assault.

According to the Attorney-General, the accused person was initially charged with indecent assault, which was a misdemeanour, and for that reason a nolle prosequi was filed, resulting in his discharge and re-arrest.

Mr Ghartey stated that his outfit had requested the British authorities to furnish them with the background of Tichler.

The facts of the case are that Tichler visited the victim’s father at North Legon, near Redco Flats, on October 13, 2007 and on reaching there, the victim’s father left the victim and her two siblings in the care of Tichler in order to purchase some items from town.

Tichler engaged the victim and her two siblings, aged eight and six, at the living room but later managed to engage the victim alone and succeeded in inserting his fingers into her vagina.

Not quiet long after the incident, the victim’s mother arrived from town and just as she entered the kitchen, Tichler followed her and requested for water to wash his hands.

Later, the victim went to her mother and said she wanted to urinate and while helping her, the mother noticed blood stains in the victim’s panties.

The victim mentioned the accused person as the one who inserted his fingers into her vagina when she was questioned by her mother.
Tichler was arrested and handed over to the Legon police.

The victim was later taken to hospital where she was examined, treated and discharged.

Source: Daily Graphic


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