Credit: Bryan The Mensah via Twitter

Ghanaian musician and producer, Bryan The Mensah, on Friday, November 26, released his maiden album dubbed, Road To Hastafari.

The project, Bryan says, reflects his growth and achievements in his over five-year period in the music industry.

Prior to the release of the album, the artiste, born Bryan Kweku Mensah released four singles to create the needed buzz for his craft.

Bryan The Mensah’s maiden album ‘Road To Hastafari’ greeted with resounding reception

These songs comprise, ‘Problem No Dey Finish’, ‘2020’, ‘Nsem’ and ‘Be Like Me’.

On Wednesday, his management held a private album listening session with some fans, music critics and industry players, many of whom were elated by the full discography.

Today, the album dropped, and reaction from social media is no different from what was expressed at the listening session.

The 12-track project features these arts; Titi Owusu, Black Sherif, M.anifest, A-Q, PsychoP and Nine99.

The record was mastered by the artiste himself and executively produced by Okai Wav and Eastern Child.

Road To Hastafari is his latest work since his ‘Not Going Outside’ EP dropped back in 2020 and three extended plays before that.

For now music critics are having a go at the album with many commending the top-notch and detailed oriented production.

Road To Hastafari is available on all streaming platforms.

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