The Ghana Burns Survivors Foundation has cautioned Ghanaians against election violence to avoid the devastating impact of burns often arising out of conflict situations.

The group involves people who have suffered body burns and others who are engaged in helping with the prevention of burn injuries.

According Dennis Opoku Gyamfi, Founder of the Foundation, suffering skin burns present unique physical and psychological challenges which should be avoided.

“It is a life-long mark even if you’re to survive burns. We want to tell the public that peace is something that would have to prevail because when there is violence, houses are burnt down and people are burnt and it means that you’re not only going to die but you’ll suffer before you die; and we don’t want this thing to happen to other people”, he warned.

Dennis said experience from other countries should serve as lessons for Ghana to sue for peace as the country goes to the 2012 polls.

“There were some Ghanaians who were sometime back in Liberia and they sustained very severe burn injuries out of the war that happened there. But I believe it’s not going to happen here because we’re reasonable”, expressed the burns survivor.

Meanwhile, Dennis has acknowledged improvements in medical human resource for burns, especially the availability of reconstructive plastic surgeons, to treat burnt patients.

He however observed the need for improved healthcare facilities to treat complex skin burn situations.


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